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Freshef meals make it easy to cut down on cooking time. Why not use those extra minutes to have a meal as a family? Studies have shown that eating meals with family have several significant advantages; so put away the TV trays and pull up a chair to the dining room table!

Kids who eat dinner with their families are shown to have a healthier weight and better eating habits than those who don’t.  They are also considerably less likely to have eating disorders.

Aside from the health benefits, children are more likely to have a better vocabulary and conversation skills when they spend meals with their family.  They are more likely to succeed in school, and have better relationships with their peers. Overall,  they are happier and have better bonds with their families.

If you are not currently eating regular meals together, start small. Set a goal of eating together twice a week, and build from there. Meals don’t need to be elaborate or time consuming. Planning ahead will reduce the stress of last minute trips to the grocery store. And don’t forget- keep the family involved with the preparation- kids can help cut vegetables, set the table, or even plan the menu. Most importantly, make family mealtime enjoyable! Image


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