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Fitness For The Holidays

It’s that magical time of year again- the tree is up, the stockings are hung, and you’ve said goodbye to your skinny jeans for the holidays.  With all the parties and baking crammed into December festivities, it’s easy to put on a few extra pounds. Fortunately, we have compiled a few tips to make staying in shape for the holidays easy, too!

  • Keep up with your regular exercise routine. It will help you burn those extra calories you consumed at last night’s party.
  • Never go to a party hungry. Having a healthy snack before you go will make it easier to resist overeating.
  • Eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes for your body to realize you’re full- and by that time, you’ve already had second helpings. Slow down and enjoy each bite.
  • Eat protein. It makes you feel full. An extra helping of Christmas Turkey will curb your desire for extra pie for dessert.
  • Try new recipes.  Use ingredients that are low in fat and sugar.
  • Easy does it on the drinking. Alcohol is high in empty calories and drinks can add up fast. Set your limit before over-indulging.
  • Make good decisions. Let’s face it- you’re going to eat the pie. Pumpkin pie is generally a better for you than pecan pie, and once slice is better for you than two.
  • Be a cautious cook.  Good cooks always sample as they go… but do you really need to sample a handful of marshmallows for the sweet potato casserole.



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