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Stay cool by spicing it up!

The heat has us all diving for air-conditioned buildings or into swimming pools. With this being the hottest summer on record, people across the globe are feeling the heat. However, we can take a tip from some of our warm weather friends to help stay cool when the temperatures are soaring into the hundreds.

Have you ever noticed that some of the hottest places have some of the spiciest food? Jamaica, Thailand, and Mexico are all places that like their food with a bite, but also have very hot summers. What they have all found is that spicy food can cool you off, and help you to enjoy the summer months.

Peppers and spice can help activate our bodies’ natural cooling process. Here are some of the things that a little spicy food can do for us.

– All that hot spice makes us sweat. When the water evaporates off our skin it draws the heat away from our bodies, cooling us off.

– The added spice increases blood flow that pushes your blood vessels to the surface of the skin allowing for the heat to radiate out.

– Spices also make us reach for a tall cold glass of water. The cool liquid not only helps put out the flames, but also keeps us hydrated allowing our cooling processes to work properly.

So if you are finding it hard to beat the heat this summer, turn up the temperature of your meals and let your natural air conditioning go to work.


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