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Summer Weather is Grilling Weather

Bust out the flip-flops and barbecues…summer time is here!  Summer weather is grilling weather and we have put together a list of 5 simple tips to help you become a true grill master.

Tip 1
Get everything out and ready.  You will be surprised how quickly things can go from undercooked to burnt. It’s best if you have everything close at hand, so you can focus on the grill and not on finding the oven mitt.

Tip 2
Marinating meats can add a delicious additional flavor.  While a quick 20 minute to 2 hour marinade will work just fine, a longer soak can yield stronger flavor.

– Fish fillets and shrimp marinate fairly quickly, less than an hour should do it.

– With chicken it depends on whether you leave the skin on or use skinless pieces.  For skin intact pieces, they can soak for 6 hours to overnight.  Skinless chicken should be marinated anywhere between 4-6 hours.

– Beef and pork with their thick and tough fibers can handle 6-8 hours or overnight soaks before they will break down and become mushy.

If you are using dry rubs or spices only, season your meats and let them sit for 15 minuets before you throw them on the flame.  This will give time for the spices to be absorbed letting them stick to your meat and not fall off into the grill.

Tip 3
When using the BBQ tools, avoid the fork and stick with the tongs or spatula.  The fork will puncture the meat, allowing moisture and juices to escape.  These juices keep the meat tender and add flavor.

Tip 4
Ever wonder why some burger patties come with holes in the middle?  Burgers can puff up during cooking making it difficult to pile high the condiments.  Putting a small hole or dimple in the center of the patties will make sure they stay round, and somewhat flat.

Tip 5
Timing is everything!  Know about how long your meats should cook and keep a meat thermometer handy to check periodically.  Using a thermometer is the surest way to see if the food is done before it becomes too chewy and knowing your time limits will keep you from turning and playing with the food less: keeping it tender and juicy.


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